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1/158th Infantry Regiment Yellow Ribbon Send Off

Please remember the following information: The 1st of the 158th Infantry Regiment, also known as the Bushmasters, will be deployed for a 9-11 month rotation in the Middle East. Let's keep them in our thoughts and hope for their safe return. If you are a member of this deployed unit, you can visit any VFW post to stand alongside your comrades. VFW Post 3513 has adopted the 1st of the 158th Infantry Regiment and has contributed to their send-off. Members of VFW Post raised funds and used the MAP grant to cover the costs of providing food and beverages for 800 soldiers and their families. Upon their return, we will be offering a free 1-year membership or $50 off a lifetime membership as a small gesture to show our appreciation for their service in these dangerous overseas deployments. 

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