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Dedication to a Cause such as Brotherhood and Sisterhood is  Commendable. The Notable below have made a Great Contribution and will always be Well Received at Post 3513.

Thank You again for your Support to Post 3513!

Medal Of Honor $1,500 +
Tom and Judy Kendra
Alexis Houdeshell

Tom Cole
Aaron Ambrad
Marjorie Fitchew
Tony Harper
Vasif Sabeeh and Family
Distinguished Service Cross $1,000 - $1,499
Anonymous Doner
Jeff Jones
Robert Dixon
Navy Cross $500 - $999

Air Force Cross $250 - $499
Dorthy Callaway
Michael Sweeny
Jordan Kopcio*
Silver Star $100 - $249
Suzy Carney
Jim and Carol Allen
John Rutkowski
Paul Lund
Jesse and Gloria Trevino
Jim and Marianne Hayes
James Portt 
Austin Deuel
George Stafford
Chopper John
Post Auxiliary
Michael Topps*

Soldiers Medal $50 - $99
Rodger Wells
Sharon Kasharek
Geri Hermann
Jay Cottom*
Nathaniel Elliott*
Ken Lucas*

* Indicates Donations Via Gun Raffle

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